Learn the ins and outs of Linux so you can
use your Raspberry Pi as a web scraper 

Powerful, tiny computers are taking over.

Linux for Hobbyists is the base camp for your casual computing projects, helping you get up and running quickly and understand the concepts you’ll need to use this powerful operating system to your advantage. Our crash course will get you up and running in no time.

We've got you covered.

The book includes 3 major sections to get you
from n00b hobbyist to casual sysadmin in no time!


What platforms is this book for?

The information contained in this book can be used with a Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, or a Linux server in the cloud, like the kind that Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and Linode host for you.

About the Author


My name is Zach Feldman, and I'm a Constant Tinkerer. I've built many a web service with Ruby using Sinatra and Rails, as well as a ton of open source projects that rely on Linux. My most recent project uses a Raspberry Pi web scraper to control my apartment with my voice and an Amazon Echo.


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